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OSGJS is a WebGL framework based on OpenSceneGraph concepts. It allows an individual to use an "OpenSceneGraph-like" toolbox to interact with WebGL via JavaScript, and provides facilities for exporting various assets to the osgjs format. The API is kept as similar to OpenSceneGraph as possible, providing a familiar environment to veterans of the library and introducing newcomers to a popular and heavily-scrutinzed set of interfaces.



First, clone a copy of the main git repo by running:

git clone git://github.com/cedricpinson/osgjs.git
cd osgjs

# if you dont have grunt-cli installed
# npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install

grunt build
# The built version of osgjs will be put in the `builds/` subdirectory

# use 'webpack -w' when you are developing to rebuild automatically when a file change

grunt serve
# open http://localhost:9000/examples or http://localhost:9000/tutorial


Nothing helps more than toying with osgjs code and osg concepts directly, here's an interactive playground where you can start coding osgjs in 5 secs

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Documentation, API, Analysis

OSGJS is based on OpenSceneGraph API, which itself is based on a few concepts that allow for a solid grasp around the whole library once and for all, and those are mandatory in order to dive into code.

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SDK Examples

They use OSG.JS

Going Further

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OGSJ Code Documentation

API (auto-generated) | Unit Tests (Qunit) | Analysis (Plato)


Overall Concepts Introduction


What is a Scene Graph are its uses ?

Scene Graph

How to set properties on Nodes ?

StateSet and StateGraph


An interactive introduction to WebGL

OpenSceneGraph Help

FAQ and Knowledge Base

Download OSG.JS

Download OSG.JS